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There are several ways you can add domains to your portfolio or marketplace database:

1 Add One domain at a time - (single action)
2 Add long list of domains - (bulk action)

Add One domain at a time (single action)

It is important to grasp the basics of adding a single domain to your portfolio before proceeding to adding long lists of domain names either by copy-paste or from excel file. Adding a single domain name to the marketplace database is a no-brainier.

  • Click on the menu item "Add Domain"
  • Wait for the form to load
  • Enter necessary information
  • Select options (where applicable)
  • When done, click Submit

As you must have noticed, the form is enriched with footnotes, hints and tips to guide you through the process. Below are the visible form fields and descriptions.

Background image file/Logo:Optional. Some marketplaces use logos and background images to list domains. Our experience shows that you don't need images or logo to sell domains.
Domain name / LowerCase/: *Required. For example
CamelCase:domain name camel case e.g.
External MarketPlaces:
External MarketPlace List
External marketplaces where the domain has been listed. For references only, serves as a reminder to remove the listing from the platforms after the domain has been sold.
For internal use only, will not be displayed to the public. You can select multiple marketplaces.
Cost Price:The price for which you purchased the domain. By default - $12, i.e. registration fee.
For internal use only, will not be displayed to the public
Keywords:(SEO keywords for the domain name, eg. Sports, Football, Leisure, Lifestyle, Clubs, Outdoor sport, Indoor sports, etc). Optional. Adding keywords to your domain data makes the domain landing page unique and may bring potential through the search engines.
Description:SEO description. Although not required, recommended to have unique content for each domain. Potential buyers are always interested to read about this. Secondly, with keywords and description, your domains are indexed better by search engines. Domain For Sale Landing Page may also carry this information.
Domain portfolio/markeplace multiple category selector
You can select multiple Categories. In fact, there is no limit to the number of categories you can select. Again this is optional.
List your domain name in multiple categories so that potential buyers have a better chance of seeing it.
According to GoDaddy auctions, most popular categories are: Real Estate, Words & Phrases, Business and Advertising, Sales & Marketing.
Link to domain Facts sheet:Comps (comparable sales), Statistics, Facebook, twitter etc - if available. Optional
Domain Status:1 - Active, item will be displayed to the public.
0 - Disable, not shown to the public
Featured domain:1 - Yes, domain name will be displayed as Featured both in a separate sliding block above the normal list and also along side in the normal list.
0 - No, will be displayed in normal list only.
Add domain names as featured listing to guarantee additional exposure as they are listed on the home page and also on top of the list of search results.
Auction type:BIN Only
Make Offer Only
BIN + Make Offer
BIN Price:Buy It Now price, i.e. the price for which you want to sell the domain without bidding or negotiation.
Minimum Bid Price:Minimum bid price you will consider. Potential buyer can not send offers of amount less than your Minimum bid price for the domain.
Hints: Initially, you can set very low min bid price to gauge interest towards your domain name on the marketplace.
Re-direct buyers to External MarketPlace:

External MarketPlace List
With DNHAT you can not only setup your own sales platform, list domains for sale, but also send/forward/re-direct buyers from your marketplace to another marketplace for buyers to complete the purchase.

How it works
Each of the domains (in your portfolio) listed on your marketplace has its unique landing page with a form, which a potential buyer must submit in order to purchase (or bid on) the domain. DNHAT offers you the option to re-direct potential buyers from the domain landing page (your marketplace) to a third-party platform for the buyer to complete the purchase process. Buyer will end up on the domain landing page (checkout page) on the third-party platform. You (or users of your platform) can apply this scenario to a single or multiple domains in the portfolio. The software comes with a list of 12 most popular third-party domain marketplaces, and you can always add more.
Extract WHOIS data for the domain after submission?Yes

If Yes, during addition of domain name to your portfolio, DNHAT automatically connects to WHOIS remote server to extract vital data about the domain(s): registrar name, DNS, domain registration and expiration dates, domain age, etc. The information is appended to the domain profile before submitting and saving it to the database.
You can connect and update domain(s) WHOIS data at any time.

Domain first letter, Domain extension, Domain name Uppercase, Domain character length are other vital info DNHAT automatically computes, append them to the domain before submission.

Domain Logo/watermark. Special Notes

While you can upload your custom logos to be attached to  domains, DNHAT comes with in-built watermark maker, which can be used (as an alternative to custom logo) to create high-resolution background image for a domain listing, using the domain name.

To create a watermark for a single domain, do the following:
1. Check "Create watermark" - Yes;
2. Click "preview watermark background images" to select one among over 400 images to be used as background;
3.  Enter the image file name in the "Background image name" box;
4.  Submit along with the form.

To create a watermarks for multiple domains (bulk domain listing), do the following:
Method 1.
1. Check "Create watermark" - Yes;
2. Click "preview watermark background images" to select one among over 400 images to be used as background;
3.  Enter the image file name in the "Background image name" box;
4.  Submit along with the form.
same/single image will used in turn to create watermark for every of the domains submitted.

Method 2.
1. Check "Create watermark" - Yes;
2.  Check the option to  "Use random (separate) image for each domain" box;
3.  Submit along with the form.
different images, randomly chosen among over 400 images, will be used in turn to create watermark for every of the domains submitted.

Examples with watermarks:

To use custom logo image file, do the following:

1. Check "Create watermark" -  No;
2. In the "I have custom logo" box, Click "Choose file";
3. Upload your custom logo file for the domain;
4. Submit along with the form.

When adding custom logo please observe the stipulated limitations (as displayed in the section):
1. Image/logo file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif 
2. Maximum width: 300px. 
3. Maximum height: 300px. 
4. Maximum weight/file size: 20kb.
Any image file or logo not meeting these requirements will be silently ignored, not uploaded, without additional warning or message.

Examples with custom logos:

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