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Import Domains (list)

One of the main benefits of DNHAT comes into play when you want to add tens, hundreds or thousands of domain names. If you have a long list of domain names to add to your portfolio/marketplace, then follow the simple guidelines below.

Procedures for adding bulk domain names are similar to that of adding a single name, save for the following exceptions:
1. Instead of a single domain name, you have multiple domain names (list with unique domain names, one per line);
2. If the corresponding form fields are not empty, all the domains in the list will share common information such as categories, description, keywords, price, marketplaces etc.

  • Using a Plain Text editor, prepare the list of domains you want to import, one domain per line
  • Click on the menu item "Import Domains (list)" and wait for the form to load
  • Copy and paste the list into the domain list box. One domain name per line. Maximum per operation is 1000 domains. If you have longer amount, then split them per/1000 and repeat the operation
  • Enter the necessary field values. The field values will be used for all the domains
  • Complete the form as you would for adding single domain name (see above). Form fields may be left empty.
  • Click the Submit button
DNHAT Bulk import domain list
DNHAT Adding Multiple Domains to the Portfolio 1/2
DNHAT Adding Multiple Domains to the Portfolio 2/2

 Special Notes:
For copy-paste domain name list import, import domain names from file(see below) your input fields e.g. Price, Categories, Description etc., if not empty, will be applied to each of the domains and saved in the database.
It is therefore recommended that you split your domain list into small groups/lists having common or similar characteristics. For example, same categories, similar price range, featured, keywords etc.
If necessary, after submission you may proceed to Active domain list Domains (Active) to edit each domain properties.
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