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DNHAT, as you must have noticed, is highly configurable. Layouts are what you need when you want to stand out of the crowd. From the homepage cover image, arrangement of the various blocks, the marketplace search engine to the domain landing page and web form, Layouts give your marketplace unique look and touch. That's not all. With the help of layouts, you can enable or disable various elements of the marketplace.

For convenience, the layouts section has been grouped into tabs with self-explanatory names:


Home Page

Domain Landing Pages

MarketPlace Search Engine

General Layout settings apply across all the pages of your marketplace website, i.e. site-wide. Most of the parameters can be checked/unchecked, i.e enabled or disabled at will.

Localization (Languages ) 

Localization (language) sourceUsers can select their local languages and website content will be automatically translated. You can choose between Google automatic translation tools or use your custom language packs, compiled by you. Default - Google automatic translation.
Custom language packs are accessible only in the self-hosted version
Apply Localizationselect whether or not to enable translation of your web pages with the chosen source. Default - Yes.

Template, Theme(Skin)

Website TemplateYou can use one of the available 3 website templates for your marketplace. This will determine the position of company logo (if any), placement of background image and search box on home page. Default - website_template1
Website Theme/SkinYou can select from over 20 themes (skins). Themes give your website a unique visualization, with variations from very dark, light grey to light and very light shades and colors. Theme selector is located on the navigation bar, just before the language selector. To see how each theme looks, please visit the demo site and play with the themes. Default - Flatly
Allow User to Select Theme/SkinAllow or disallow your site visitors to select their own theme. YES/NO. Default - Yes

Optional Navigation Links & Content Pages

Display About Us Info Show or hide About Us information. Default - Yes
Display About Us info on separate page If Yes, a separate page will be created for About Us information, necessary link will be added to header and footer navigation bars, otherwise About Us information (if available) will be displayed on the homepage. Default - Yes.
Display Blog pages Default - Yes.
Notes: Not all versions of DNHAT are equipped with Blogging facilities
Display Privacy Policy page Default - Yes.
Display Terms of Service page Default - Yes.
Display Contact Us page Default - Yes.


Website favicon image A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the address bar of your web browser, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks in web browsers and feed aggregators. The format for the image you have chosen must be 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels, using either 8-bit or 24-bit colors. The format of the image must be one of the following: PNG, GIF, or ICO
Display Powered by DNHAT footer backlink Appreciated, but not an obligation, so you can disable/hide the backlink. Just switch the option to No. Default - Yes.
Home Page
The home page plays a vital role in your market setup. In most cases, over 70% of your visitors will start browsing your website starting from the home page. Visually, the home page can be divided into three functional blocks: header, body and footer.  The header part  includes the top navigational bar, the search block on the home page, your headlines or slogan. You must customize the home page such that it retains visitors' attention and help minimize bounce rate. 

Home Page: Cover page, Search box

Use background image for homepage Cover page
For the header part (where your company logo and search box are located), you can opt to use background image.. Default - Yes.
Cover page background image height (px.) Cover page background image will smoothly resize to this value. 300px - 600 px is the recommended height. This will also determine the height of the search block and the starting position of the other blocks (e.g featured domain list) after the block. Default - 600 px 
Background image file You can select one of the 125 high-resolution images to be use as background.
Notes: If you are DNHAT hosting yourself and decide to upload additional image file: Recommended size is (widthxheight) : 1800px X 1200px. Upload the file to folder /dmnsimg/imghpage/

Featured, Regular and Bargain-priced domain blocks

Display Featured Domains block on Homepage
Default - Yes
Amount of Domains in Featured Domains block
Default - 8
Display Regular (curated) Domains block on Homepage
Default - Yes

SideBar Search Box, Recently sold, Latest Domains List, Sidebar Ads

Collapse/Compact Search Box
If you wish to display Latest domains, Recently sold domains lists and SideBar Ads on the homepage,  Collapse/Compact Search Box must be indicated either to left or right.
Options: No / To Left / To Right.
Default:-  No

Display Latest Domains Block
Latest (by date) domains added to the database. Default - No.
Display Recently Sold Domains Block
Default - No.
Domain Landing Pages
Domain Landing Page must be designed with minimum distraction(s) and frivolities in order to convert. DNHAT comes with 7 customizable Domain Landing Page templates. Select one. Customize according to your preferences. 
Landing Page powered by DNHAT also comes in-built analytic plugin that captures visitors traffic source URL (referrer), IP, Country, Time, Hit counter for every domain listed in your portfolio. This helps you to analyse and gauge performance and make guided decision in future. The plugin can be enabled/disabled (see below).

1. Even though the landing page templates have been professionally designed, with tested inquiry forms that guarantee maximum conversion and sales, you  can further optimize and customize them to meet your preferences. 
2. Different domain template will have different conversion rate, hence the necessity to conduct A/B testing before finally settling for a particular template and design.

Also, before finally deciding on the For-Sale Landing Page to stick with, be sure you have tested them for compatibility with your preferred themes/skins.

Though not recommended, you may also opt to use background image for your landing page - select from the over 400 images provided. Clear contrast between background mage color scheme and text font color should be observed. Save your settings, Test/Preview the landing page before you finally publish. 

Domain Landing Page Template
Select one among the 7 Domain Landing Page Templates provided by the system.  Default - landing_page_template1
Display domain Logo
If yes, will display domain Logo/watermark (if available) along with the domain name on the landing page.. Default - No.
Display BIN price (if available) on External Marketplace buttons
If yes - display domain BIN price on external markeplaces button (Sedo, Godaddy etc.). Set to No if your domains are listed as Make Offer or with different BIN prices on external marketplaces. BIN price will be displayed on buttons for direct payment only (Escrow, Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout etc.).  Default - No.
Display quick search box
If yes, will display search for domains box along with breadcrumbs on top of the page. Not recommended, as this may occupy extra space and push the offer form or buy now buttons further down the page. Default - No.
Display top navigational bar (menu)
If yes, will display top navigational bar (menu) of the page. Not recommended, as this may occupy extra space and push the offer form or buy now buttons further down the page. Navigational bar also carries numerous links, which may result in distraction. Default - No.
Use background image
If enabled background image will be used for the landing page. You must indicate the image to use for background. Default - No.
Background image file
Select one from the over 400 images to be used for landing page background. Default - None.
Text color
By default, text color is black. If you have chosen to use dark-color background image, then you may want to change text color to something light, e.g. white. Default - Black.
Display additional notes block (help, instructions, purchase process) etc.
If enabled and text not empty, additional instructions will be displayed on the landing page, below the Buy Now/Offer form. This can be guidelines, help, hints, purchase process etc. Default  - Yes.
Text to display (help, instructions, purchase process) etc.
Text to display (help, instructions, purchase process) etc. Text can be in rich format. HTML also supported. Default - Some sample text. Edit to suit your procedures.
Display domain WHOIS data along with other domain data
WHOIS data -  domain registrar name, DNS, domain registration and expiration dates, domain age, etc. It is recommended that you turn this off if most of the domains in your portfolio are newly registered. 
Default - Yes.

DNHAT automatically extracts WHOIS data from registrar's server each time you add a domain name to your account. 
Display random domain list block (bottom part of landing page)
If yes, a block of randomly selected domains from your portfolio will be displayed at the bottom part of domain landing page (below the buy now/send offer form). A link (more domains) to the domain list search engine will also be displayed. While this feature can serve as good strategy for Cross Promotion of other domains in your portfolio, it can also serve as distraction on the landing page. Use with caution!
Default - Yes.
Activate Analytic/Tracking codes for landing page
If yes, all type-in traffic/visits to each domain landing page will be logged into the database. Logged data will include: Stats for type-in or direct, click through traffic for every domain, IP, Country code, Country Name, Date, Time spent on each domain landing page, etc. The plugin consumes huge resources for data processing, so can be turned off if you have limited hosting plan or are having issues with system resources. If you use the plugin, be sure to periodically download logged data to your local system drive and free database space on the server. Default - No.
MarketPlace Search Engine
DNHAT is powered with full-blown marketplace search engine that helps potential buyers find your hidden domains by aggressively searching your database against complex search terms, product names, ideas, across all fields. While visitors can fine-tune search result with over 5 additional criteria: Domain category(ies), Extension(s), First letter(s), Price range, Character count, etc., you may want to customize the search engine features to be attractive and comfortable to use, based on users' experiences and feedback.

Search Result Display Format
Table - strictly without domain logos/watermarks. Blocks - flexible with/without domain logos/watermarks options.
Default - Table.
Display Blocks with logos/watermarks
Blocks (if selected for Search Result Display Format) can be displayed with/without logos/watermarks.
Default - No.
Show number of Domains in each category
Since a single domain can be listed under multiple categories, each of the categories will count the domain. This may be confusing to some visitors..  Default - Yes.
Display Featured Domains (on top of page)
Default - No.
Display Featured Domains with logos/watermarks
Default - No.
Display Bargain Domains (bottom of page)
Default - No.
Advanced Search Tools Position
Advanced Search Tools include the categories, domain extensions, first letters, prince range, age etc. The tools form a collapsible block. By default the tools are located on left vertical (sidebar) bar on the page.. Default - Left Vertical Bar.

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