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Introducing DNHat

DNHAT is an advanced Domain Portfolio Management, Monetization tools with full-blown Marketplace setup and maintenance. Developed from ground specially for domain investors, DNHat enables you to manage your domain portfolio in a professional way and/or build your own branded domain marketplace and turn your website traffic to cash.

On the front-end, we have developed DNHAT to power high-profile domain marketplace websites with thousands, millions of domains, advanced search engine to bring hidden domains in the database to the surface, truly optimized landing pages with forms to receive sales inquiries or/and checkout links to payment gateways.

That's not all. You can configure DNHAT such that, from a single point of sale (your website), you sell your domains across more than 22 established marketplaces such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Flippa, BrandBucket etc.

DNHAT helps you keep tabs on your domains: expiration date alert, list of marketplaces where your domains are active, your purchase price (cost), link to comparable sales site, and many more.

With DNHAT you can organize and manage your domain portfolio, setup your own marketplace to sell directly to end-users and earn 100% of your proceeds OR redirect sales enquiries to your domain landing page on third-party sales platform (for example, Sedo, Flippa, GoDaddy). Either way, you retain vital statistics to gauge your domain performance, adjust prices upward/downward, take informed decision on whether to renew or drop a particular domain.

DNHAT can handle thousands of domains, with each domain having its unique For-Sale Landing Page, optional domain description, keywords, form to send/receive sales inquiries OR redirect such to third-party marketplace(s) to complete the sales.

Companies and individuals not involved in domain trading, but with sizable domain portfolio will also find DNHAT handy in easing the tasks of domain names storage, retrieval, monitoring and digital asset management.

If you are a domainer and planning to Manage your domain portfolio, Monetize your marketplace traffic and Sell your domains profitably, then DNHAT is all what you need. Nothing compares with the powerful features DNHAT puts at your disposal.


DNHAT is being offered under three models.

1. Subscription model. DNHAT is hosted and managed by us, the developers. You don't need to bother about hosting, website maintenance and security. No software to download or install. We handle every thing  for you -  all the technical stuff, set up your marketplace for you in less than 1 hour with your own custom domain name, e.g. 
You pay on monthly basis - from $6/month

2. Self-hosted model. DNHAT is hosted by you. This model is recommended for those with basic experience in hosting and managing website. You purchase a license for your domain, pay once, download DNHat software and install it on your server You will be responsible for your hosting plan, website maintenance and general server security.

3. Centralized Ad Server for traffic monetization, with paid ads from legit advertisers. Standard native ads, not like those "gibberish" links you see on parked domains.
Our centralized Ad server can be optionally combined with option 1 or 2 above. You can opt-in to register a separate  account with us as a publisher,  receive Ad codes to be inserted into the free web space on your marketplace and earn extra income. You are also free to use  any third-party Ad serving platforms to monetize your domains.

Full features description, pricing, FAQ, examples can be found on DNHat homepage.

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