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Manage, Monetize, Sell
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with DNHat

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Sell your domains faster with DNHat

Domain Investment
Made Easy with DNHat

  • Manage your domain Portfolio like a Professional.
  • Get your custom Marketplace online in Minuites.
  • Monetize your domains while you wait for offers.
  • Convert with Inbound, Outbound Marketing tools.
  • Negotiate, Sell Directly to End-users and Maximize Profit.
  • Sell Across 22 Established Marketplaces for Maximum Exposure.
  • Access analytical data to make informed decision

Cloud-based or Self-hosted version

Is it better to use self-hosted or cloud-based version of DNHat?

They both have the same features so the decision depends on your level of experience, needs and financial capability.
Self-hosted is great if you plan to use DNHat for more than a year and/or have a lot of domains to manage, monetize and sell.
If on the other hand you don't want to worry about IT systems, have a small portfolio, and don't want to make a big commitment, then Cloud-based is for you.

Two Usage Options. Same Functionalities.

  • You need to BUY, download DNHat software, install on your server/website, pay for hosting, handle other technical stuff
  • No limit to your domain portfolio size
  • Save money by paying a one-fee instead of dealing with monthly charges
  • No restriction to access all available functions
  • Can modify limited source codes (HTML, Smarty files)
  • 100% data privacy
  • Need to watch out for updates, install new features and fixes.
  • Just SIGN-UP, log-in and start working. No need for IT Admin, No software to download or install, no hosting account needed
  • Priced according to the size of your domain portfolio
  • Offered by subscription. Pay as you go each month (no big upfront investment).
  • Access to advanced functions based on subscription plans
  • Can't modify source codes
  • System Admin may have access to your data
  • Automatic updates, fixes and access to new features

Start Selling Your Domains Now!

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