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**Apart from selecting and exporting domains from our pre-compiled list of free liquid domains in the database, you can additionally use Custom Bulk Free Domain Search to search for free domains of your choice across multiple extensions. You can also conduct bulk WHOIS lookup with up to 100 domains at a time.

Why Use DNHat's Liquid Domains Hunter (LDH)

The Background

Vast majority of high-value domains sales are single, common dictionary words

Second group of high value domains sales are 2L, 3L and 4L domains

Non-registered Liquid domains are not easy to come by

Advanced technical know-how is necessary to automate the process of locating available Liquid domains

What Does DNHat (LDH) do?

DNHat Liquid Domains Hunter (LDH) periodically scans thousands of hidden domains of high market value - one-word, dictionary word, 2L, 3L and 4L domains

Scans across more than 350 domain extensions

Finds and compiles list of free liquid domains, still available for reg. fee

Sends notifications to subscribers

How You can Benefit

Sign Up, Log into your account

Filter records, using specific criteria such as keywords, domain extension, char. length, first letter, etc.

Re-check if the domains are still Free to register (also automated)

Add Selected domains to your favorite list

Export (download) domain names from favorite list to local device(s)

Register the domains and Start selling on your favorite marketplace(s)


Register and gain access to:

- Pre-compiled list of over 18,395,966 FREE One-word, Dictionary word, 2L, 3L, 4L domains across TLDs

- Regular updates

- Advanced Filter options with Favorite list compiler, download facilities

- Additional Custom Domain Finder across major TLDs



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