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Are you a domain investor, registrar, hosting company, domain marketplace or Other Business owner?

- We invite you to place your Ads on DNHat domain marketplace network, consisting of over 100 websites, 900 webpages, 20000 domain landing pages. All powered by DNHat


- Laser-targeted Advertising, Manually Vetted, Niche-focused websites.
- Minimum Ad slots per page.
- Fair Pricing & Full Stats Transparency.
- Individualized consultation with dedicated account manager.

How to Place Your Ads

Limited amount of advertising space may be available on DNHat Network.
Email us to discuss opportunities: sales[at]

Possible Ad Formats

Banners - Leader board

Banners - Leader board at footer zone
Display banners - Leader board
Classic ad format that is perfect as an AdSense alternative.
Sizes: 468x60, 728x90, 320x50
Banners - Rectangle
Display banners - Rectangle
Classic ad format. Perfect as an AdSense alternative.
Sizes: 300x250, 800x440
Banners - Skyscraper
Display banners - Skyscraper
Classic ad format that is perfect as an AdSense alternative.
160x300, 160x600
Banners - Slide in
Slide In
Ad slides into view when the user scrolls down through a certain % of the page. If the page isn't long or doesn't require scrolling, it doesn't appear. This will absolutely get the user's attention. The actual banner can be any size. Thinner banners work better on mobile.
AdFormat - popunders
Ad format that is displayed in a new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window.
AdFormat - Interstitials
Interstitials / Page Peel
Taking a full-screen, Interstitials can be displayed either horizontally or vertically and exclude "banner-blindness" option.
Sizes: 768x1024, 1024x768
AdFormat - Pre-roll video
Pre-roll video
Pre-roll video - a short video ad shown before the content that user intends to watch in a video player. Normally, after 10 seconds the user is enabled to skip an ad to proceed to the video.