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DNHat's Aggregated Domain Marketplace (ADM) is certainly one of the choice places to visit if you are interested in acquiring a domain that is already registered. DNHat (MDB) offers domains from domain owners, domain experts and private portfolios of DNHat users. Unlike other domain marketplaces, at DNHat (ADM)

You deal directly with current owner(s) of domains

You can send your offers and negotiate prices directly without middle men

Using DNHat (ADM) is safe and free

You don't pay sales commission (which can be up to 30% in other marketplaces)

You can subscribe to and periodically receive list of newly added premium domains

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Use our advanced search mechanism to find domains of your interest

Browse the list to select most appropriate domains

Click the Buy Now or Make Offer button. You will be taken directly to the website of the seller with necessary form and instruction(s)

Complete the form and submit. Follow the instruction(s) or tips on the screen

If the domain is listed with Buy Now option, you'll be required to make payment for the domain immediately

Make payment using a secure method such as Escrow or a reputable payment processor

If in doubt, contact us or the owner of the domain, indicating the domain name you are interested in

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For Make Offer listing: Receive offers, Negotiate price.

For BIN: Payment processor in your listing will be used.

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