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Collection of Products, Services and Tools to make domain investors successful

Domain Investing Made Easy

Domain investment cycle goes through the stages of buying, managing, selling domains. Each turn of this cycle requires certain skills and tools to be succesful. Hence domaining (domain investing) can be as daunting as it is rewarding, depending on how it is handled.

DNHat aims and objectives are to take the heavy load of technical stuff off your shoulder, so you can be more effective in other, not less important, aspects of domaining: buying, managing and selling domains.

Liquid Domains. Dictionary-word, one-word, 3L, 4L at reg fee

Dynamic list of most-wanted domains across 350 extensions. Build your business on solid foundation. Buy domains that sell themselves.

Set Up Your Own Marketplace, WLM, 0% commission

Manage, Monetize, Sell your domains like professionals. Sell Directly to End-users and Maximize Profit with 0% commission. Sell more, pay less.

Domain Advertising, Monetization

Advertise your marketplace and/or services on our Ad Network for additional exposure. Display Ads on your websites and earn residual income.

DNHat (ADM). Aggregated Domain Marketplace

DNHat's Aggregated Domain Marketplace (ADM) is certainly one of the choice places to visit if you are interested in acquiring a domain that is already registered. DNHat (ADM) is a marketplace of marketplaces. It offers you the best domains from domain owners, domain experts and private portfolios of DNHat users. We don't interfere in sales or negotiation between you and domain owners and, unlike other domain marketplaces, at DNHat (ADM),

    You deal directly with current owner(s) of domains

    You can send your offers and negotiate prices directly without middle men

    You don't pay sales commission (which can be up to 30% on other platforms)

    You can agree on any payment plan, method or/and processor you find convinient for you

    You can subscribe to and periodically receive list of newly added premium domains

It is free and safe to use DNHat (ADM) to find and buy domains from owners.

DNHat (LDH). Liquid Domains Hunter: Dictionary-, 1-word, 3L, 4L domains at reg. fee

As more and more businesses are being forced online to compete, demand for quality domain names remains high, while supply remains limited. Daily we scan millions of 1-word, dictionary word, 3L, 4L and other hidden gems buried across 345 domain extensions and compile the list of those that are still available for purchase at registration fees.

    Over 30 million highly Liquid domains available at registration fees.

    One-Word, Dictionary, 3L, 4L domains only! Accross 350 Extensions!

    Weekly Updates with New Additions

    Advanced Tools to Browse, Search, Save, Download Favorite Selections

Who uses the list

  • 1. Smart domain investors to build profitable portfolio of domains that with high re-sale potentials;
  • 2. Businesses looking for solid domain names to build online presence.
Don't be left out.

DNHat (WLM). Domain Portfolio & Marketplace Manager

DNHat (WLM) is all you need to effectively manage your domain portfolio and set up your own truly white label, commission-free domain marketplace, where you can receive offers, sell directly to end-users and avoid paying exhorbitant sales commision to third-party platform. More reasons why having your own marketplace is the smart way to go:

    You control the process of marketing, sales, customer retention without sending away valuable leads and traffic

    You increase sales because you are operating in stand-alone mode, without competition from other sellers

    It's commision-free, making your business to be more competitive and resilient

    You can monetize incoming traffic and earn residual income without additional efforts

    You free yourself and business from the caprices and unpredictability of third-party marketplace policies

    You retain customers, manage your client base with opportunity to grow your business with complimentary products/services

    You can manage your domain portfolio like a professional with reliable data to take crucial business decisions based on facts and figures

DNHat (DAM). Domain Advertising, Domain Monetization

Domain target advertising is similar to, but more powerful than simple keyword targeting. Domain target advertising provide advertisers with extra opportunity to place their ads in front of the target audience. With Domain target advertising, advertisers greatly increase the likelihood of offer completions with minimum possible ad cost as compared to other forms of advertising.

Our secure, dedicated Ad Servers are powered to serve over 1 million ad units per month across DNHat's Network Of Domain Marketplaces - consisting of over 100 websites, 900 webpages, 20000 domain landing pages - all powered by DNHat. Placing your ads on this network guarantees razor blade targeting of your offers towards domain community and a myriad of online businesses.

Who uses DNHat's Domain advertising

    If you offer products and services relating to domain registration, domain sales and domain development, then domain targeting advertising is a big step in the right direction to drive prospects towards your goal;

    Owners of stand-alone domain marketplaces/portfolios can also use domain advertising to attract potential buyers to their inventory website.