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Views, Hits

  • Total number of views recorded for domain landing pages - for domains with active status in your portfolio. The stats includes all traffic to the domain landing pages, including direct (type-in traffic) and results of clicking on links to the landing page within your website and other inbound traffic.

  • You can gauge the effectiveness of the views/hits by comparing the number of checkouts from the landing page to payment gateways or external marketplaces (if any). SEO-wise, the analyses can be likened to click-through rate (CTR) or bounces.
    For example, if you are having a lot of counts for a particular domain, yet no sales, then you should seriously consider re-designing the page or improve your call-to-action message or sales pitch on the landing page. It's not impossible that potential buyers are getting confused on the page, hence not encouraged to try and make purchase. It may be problems with your pricing, trust, distractions on the page, too many (or lack of) information, etc.

DNHAT advanced domain analytics/metrics : Views, Hits
1. You can download the data to your computer, by clicking on the download icon at the top of the table.
2. You can also use any other third-party analytical tools to gather and analyze your website visitors behavior. For example, Google analytics. Install (copy paste) your tracking code and give it time to gather data. see sidebar menu item: Plugins >> Tracking codes

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