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Category : General

If you're in the domaining business managing your portfolio can be compared to inverntory managing in a brick-and-mortar business. It cannot be treated as a secondary priority. Chances are you have ten, hundreds or thousands of domain names to monitor, promote and sell. You want a secure storage system, where you can list the domains with description, keywords, categories, registrars, registration and expiration dates, purchase price, asking price, link to comparable sales data.

Also, you want to keep records of the marketplace(s) where you've listed your domains For-Sale, so that you can later, in the event the domain is sold, delete the name from the numerous sales platforms - to avoid "double selling", unnecessary disputes, possible fines and penalties. That's not all. You're probably dropping from or adding new names to your portfolio on a regular basis too.

In a nutshell, managing your domain portfolio can be a complex, time-consuming task. That's where DNhat comes in. With DNhat powerful domain portfolio management tool, managing your inventory is quick and easy.

Category : Technical

Your domains are your digital property and no other person can manage and market them better than you do. Of course, you can list them on established marketplaces such as Sedo, Flippa and go about your other businesses. However, without paying premium fees, your domains will not get the needed exposure to sell profitably (if at all they sell).

It's a proven fact that most average domains won't and don't sell due to lack of exposure on established marketplaces. So having a separate marketplace means gaining exclusive exposure and flexibility for your domains. For example, you can promote your entire portfolio by advertising at a very low cost. With the right approach, you turn your website to the first Point of Sale (POS) for your domains.
In addition, should you decide to follow this scenario, DNHat comes with options to re-direct sales leads (buyers) from your website to any of the established platforms, where you have listed your domains for sale.

Another argument in favor of your own private platform is the in-depth knowledge you gain on your digital property as a result of analysing visitors' behavior and statistics - what potential buyers are searching for, how they locate your domain names, how popular a particular domain is, how many times a domain has been viewed, which domains are frequently added to watchlists, etc. Based on this valuable data (recorded for each domain by DNHat), you can easily adjust your asking prices (up or down), make informed decision on whether to drop or renew a particular domain. Further, you greatly improve your negotiation, communication and managerial skills.

Remember! After the enforcement of GDPR legislation (May, 2018), registrant's contact details in domain WHOIS are no longer available to the public. Henceforth it's not enough to have a good domain name with the hope that potential buyers will contact you through the WHOIS data. Nope! You really need to project more credibility towards end users, and having nice marketplace is very good way to do so. All-in-all, there is really no excuse for not having your marketplace nice and ready.

Category : Accounts

Yes, using DNHat, you can setup your own sales platform for your domains and at the same time list them on other third party marketplaces. As far as we know, most third-party marketplaces allow you to simultaneously list/sell your domains on other platforms.

Category : General

Advanced Search Mechanism. All domains available for sale are listed on a special page with search tools to help you find the exact domain you need, based on your criteria. You will full instruction on using the search tools on the page.

All domains have their price tags and are listed under specific category. A domain may be listed under several categories, if it's usage is versatile.

Featured domains are displayed either on top of the domain list OR on the home page in sliding box. Initially, only four domains are displayed. The slide is scrollable. To display more domains, scroll forward or backward by using the arrows.

Category : Misc

Note that DNHat is an end-user product, developed using PHP and Smarty templates. As a regular user, hardly will you find the need to modify the program codes. The PHP files hold the program logic codes. You can not modify them. The smarty templates handle the display of generated codes - user interface styling, tables, images, forms, display of search results, etc. You can modify the template files, and also the HTML, the JS, CSS files can all be modified if necessary. Other modifications can be done in the Admin Area, especially in the plugins, basic and advanced customization sections. That's more than enough for a regular user.

Another reason we don't encourage tampering with core codes is that we frequently update the software, add new feature and fixes. We can not guarantee that your edited copy will not conflict with latest/future versions. So, you can not eat your cake and have it. You either allow us to furnish you with new features and updates or you decline from updates from us (if you insist on modifying the core codes).

Nonetheless, if you need any special features to be included for you, then we can discuss that.

Category : General

No, not necessarily. You do not need to be in the domaining business to use DNHat. The software or services consists of two parts:
- Domain Portfolio Manager;
- Domain Marketplace Manager.

As explained in the user manual, you can disable the marketplace manager and use DNHat only for managing your portfolio.
Simply put, you can use DNhat's powerful domain portfolio management tools as a handy organizer.

Category : General
Yes. using DNHat you can not only setup your own sales platform, list domains for sale, but also send/forward/re-direct buyers from your marketplace to another marketplace for buyers to complete the purchase.

How it works
Each of the domains listed on your marketplace has its unique landing page with a form, which a potential buyer must submit in order to purchase (or bid on) the domain. Now, DNHat offers you the option to re-direct potential buyers from the domain landing page (your marketplace) to a third-party platform for the buyer to complete the purchase process. Buyer will end up on the domain landing page (checkout page) on the third-party platform.

You (or users of your platform) can apply this scenario to a single or multiple domains in the portfolio. The software comes with a list of 12 most popular third-party domain marketplaces, and you can always add more.

There are many reasons why you (or users of your platform) might want to re-direct buyers to a third-party platform to complete the sales : level of trust enjoyed by established marketplace(s), low sales commission, payment security, lack of technical know-how in transferring domains to buyers, you don't want to go through the rigors of domain escrow services, international payment processors don't operate in your country etc.
Category : Membership

There are two options of using DNHat.

1. Self-Hosted. You purchase a (license) copy of DNHat, download and install it on your web server to manage your domain portfolio and setup your own marketplace. You pay only once for the licence.

2. Hosted by us. Simply Sign Up to subscribe to the hosted solution on our server for your portfolio management, set up your own marketplace and start selling your domains within minutes. Nothing to download, Nothing to install. We take care of all the technical stuff, including maintenance. You pay a small fee monthly or yearly.

Special notes on Self-Hosted option:

The quoted prices are for final purchase prices with free technical support for 6 months (free software updates, upgrade to new version(s), basic assistance, etc.). You buy it - it's yours for life. After the free technical support period, however, you may optionally purchase 1 year, renewable technical support at 50% of the regular price.

Category : Technical

No, if you're subscribed to the hosted version on our server.

If you're hosting the software yourself, then the following applies:

We offer 6-month free basic technical support for all legally purchased copy of DNHat. This includes, bug-fixing, upgrade to most current version of the scripts, consultation etc.
After the free technical support period, however, you may optionally purchase 1 year, renewable technical support at 50% of the regular price.
Request for customization, additional features will be considered and charged according to existing rates.

Category : Technical

All necessary tools to effectively manage and sell your domains are hosted on our server. No software to buy, download or install. We handle all the technical stuff.
Simply choose the most appropriate subscription plan for you, sign-up, bulk upload your domains and start selling.

Category : Accounts

Monthly payment plan - Monthly plan is an automatically recurring payment. You pay once every month.

Yearly payment plan. - Yearly plan is an automatically recurring payment. You pay once every year. The yearly plan works out as better value over the longer term in comparison to the monthly. With yearly subscription plan you save up to 25%.

Category :

Apart from selling directly or/and receiving offers in your mailbox, from your Domain For-Sale Landing page, you can additionally link to over 22 marketplaces, giving your buyers the option to finialize purchase of your domains on popular third party platforms:

4.CN, AfterNic, Bido, BrandBucket, BrandPa, CAX, DomainAgents, DomainLore, DomainState, Dynadot_Auction, Dynadot_Listing, Epik, Flippa, GoDaddy, Namecheap, NameJet, Namerific, NameSilo, Sedo, SnapNames, SquadHelp, Undeveloped, Uniregistry.

Selling across external marketplaces is optional and can be disabled/enabled or just select the marketplace(s) where you have listed your domain(s).

Attention: If you run an open, multi-vendor domain markeplace and want us to add your marketplace to the list, then contact us for details.

Category : Technical

After sign up with initial payment, do your part to send necessary details (listed above) to us via the support email included in the sign-up/payment notification.

  • We will commence setting up your new accout only after the above conditions have been met by you.
  • Our normal setup time for new account is 48hrs. Time necessary for initial configuration of your account on our server, installing SSL certificate for your marketplace domain, carrying out minimum basic tests, etc.
  • It may take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to apply (propagate).
Category : General

Yes. We also offer for sale single-vendor version of the software we use. In fact, we started a couple of years back developing and selling the software to the general public.

So, if you feel you can maintain a separate website where you can host the software, feel free.

Also note that the software we offer to the public slighly differs from our hosted solution. For example, it's meant for a single domainer (seller). You can not invite other sellers to join your marketplace.

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