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Domain List is the central storage vault for your domain names. All operations you carry out with your domains are recorded here. Each of the domains in the portfolio has its profile, detailing vital information about the domain.

Using the tools provided in the section, you can:

  • Add, Edit, Delete domain names
  • Search for domain(s) with powerful retrieval system
  • Browse the table content Up-Down, Down-Up, Page-by-Page
  • Sort table content in A-Z, Z-A, 0-9, 9-0 orders
  • Show/Hide table columns
  • Switch view mode from Table to List
  • View expiring domains highlighted for your attention

- click to refresh/reset the table content.

- download (export) domain list to your computer. This can serve as backup copy and can be imported back into the list in future (if the need arise).

- click to add a new domain to the domain list. A form will will be loaded.

- click to select/unselect domain for necessary operation.

- link to domain landing page. When clicked, a new window with domain landing page will be loaded.

- edit selected domain listing

- update WHOIS record for selected domain.

- delete selected domain from the list. Operation not reversible!

- show/hide domain profile (full information about the domain in a pop-up window)

Among other things you can do with domains in the portfolio include but not limited to:
  • View profile data of each of the domains in the portfolio
  • Bulk extract and update domains' WHOIS data
  • Bulk activate/deactivate domains
  • Bulk delete domains
To perform bulk actions, first select the domains, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and click necessary action button.

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