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Log of visitors (potential buyers) that have clicked the Buy Now or Pay Now button on your domain landing pages - if you have set the domain price to BIN or BIN+Make Offer and have enabled the payment gateway buttons or External marketplace checkouts on the pages. Theoretically, they (visitors) have checked out to purchase your domain, either by direct payment or via a third-party marketplace.

Too many checkouts with little or no final sales should trigger concern. The information gathered  is very crucial to the success of your marketplace and must be given critical analyses with objectives of finding improvements to maximize overall domain sales.

DNHAT advanced domain marketplace analytics/metrics : Landing Page Checkouts
1. You can download the data to your computer, by clicking on the download icon at the top of the table.
2. You can also use any other third-party analytical tools to gather and analyze your website visitors behavior. For example, Google analytics. Install (copy paste) your tracking code and give it time to gather data. see sidebar menu item: Plugins >> Tracking codes

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