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Features At A Glance

 Features At a Glance

  1.  Advanced domain Portfolio Manager
  2.  Custom domain Marketplace (white label)
  3.  Customizable marketplace templates and themes
  4.  Bulk domain import and edits
  5.  Bulk WHOIS extraction for each domain
  6.  Optional watermark/logo creation for domains
  7.  Domain custom logo upload (optional)
  8.  Custom domain categories
  9.  Multiple category listing for each domain
  10.  Customizable domain landing pages
  11.  Domain parking plugin
  12.  Optional linking to 22 popular marketplaces for buyers to make purchase
  13.  Domain traffic monetization plugin (your own ad codes)
  14.  Custom traffic Analytics plugins + Google tracking code
  15.  FAQ compiler
  16.  Blogging/News publishing facilities
  17.  Messaging System with Bulk E-mailer
  18.  Advanced marketplace search engine
  19.  Sortable search result with watchlist/favorites plugin
  20.  RoRo (marketplace roll-in, roll-out) data migration

Full description, Pricing Options and Live Demo of DNHAT can be found here:

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