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Blogging Facilities

Blogging Facilities
Many successful domainers and, in fact, businesses invest heavily in content publication as marketing strategy. Blogging has been proved to be an excellent way of getting your website rank high on search engines.

High-quality blog content gives you advantage in terms of search visibility, leads and, consequently, sales. As you add more content to your site, more pages from your marketplace become indexed in search engines. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic.

That's not all.  You can use blogging to increase your marketplace popularity. Share news, events, updates, advice and other interesting articles with your audience.You can also monetize your blog pages with paid Ads from advertisers.

Free blogging platform like or is simply out of the question. They are over bloated, unnecessarily cumbersum and prone to attacks - due to different third-party plugins required. For maximum security, your blog must be on your marketplace website, simple to manager, without linking to external resources. DNHAT comes with facilities to create/manage Blog Articles by topics (categories), where you can write, educate, and share your knowledge with your audience. DNHAT allows you to also group blog articles into categories with search functions at the front-end. There is no limit to the numbers of pages you can create. No coding experience or knowledge of scripting language required.

Hints, Tips
1. Be thoughtful and strategic when creating blog articles. Be also SEO-conscious.
2. The Title of your article will be used for the page title at frontend. Description and Keywords will also be inserted in the appropriate places (called meta tags) for effective search engine indexing and display in search result. And for bookmarking by visitors.
3. Be sure that the content of your article is in consonant with it's title, keywords and description.
4. Do not copy-paste other authors' content without due permission. If you must copy, then give credit (backlink or reference) to the original author of the article.

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