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Type-in Traffic

Type-in Traffic log holds records of visitors that came directly to a domain landing page, i.e Domain For-Sale Page with offer or BIN form.

Type-in Traffic is unique in that visitors have not navigated through the pages of your marketplace nor clicked on links on your website. Rather, they must have typed-in the domain name directly into their web browser(s). Type-in Traffic is true measure of popularity and potentials of a domain name in the aftermarket.

DNHAT is even more unique in that its analytics  plugin gives you full information about each visit and its source: domain name, landing page URL, IP, country, date, time spent on each domain landing page, etc.

To record type-in traffic, you must have parked(forward) the domain to point to domain landing page on your marketplace, following the guidelines in the user guide and knowledge base. You can park a domain at the registrar or hosting level.

Type-in Traffic can take or consume a lot of system resources to process and may be deactivated in the advanced settings options.

Frequently flush/clear the data, otherwise it can pile up and become heavy for the system to process.

DNHAT Domain For-Sale Landing page analytics/metrics of visits and sources


1. You can download the data to your computer, by clicking on the download icon at the top of the table.

2. You can also use any other third-party analytical tools to gather and analyze your website visitors behavior. For example, Google analytics. Install (copy paste) your tracking code and give it time to gather data. see Admin Control Panel sidebar menu item: Plugins >> Tracking codes

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