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DNHAT Advanced Search Mechanism helps potential buyers find your hidden domains by aggressively searching your database against complex search terms, product names, ideas, across all fields. All at a go!

Visitors can also fine-tune search result with over 5 additional criteria: Domain category(ies), Extension(s), First letter(s), Price range, Character count, etc. 

Yet, the main strength of DNHAT advanced search analytics plugin is the capability to log searches conducted and their result count. This gives you insight to what your potential clients are looking for and can help you to build a future inventory of domains in high demand and adjust your pricing strategy. By just cursory look of the result table, you can rightly guess what type of domains are missing in your portfolio.

That's not all.  IP, country, date, time for each searched keyword are also given.

You can download the data to your computer, by clicking on the download icon at the top of the table.
Frequently clear this data, otherwise it can pile up and become heavy for the system to process.

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