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Domain Parking - Overview

Each time you add a domain name to your marketplace account, DNHAT automatically creates what is referred to as domain landing page for the domain.

The landing page is a unique link (URL) for every domain in your database. The page displays information you've entered for the domain, including:

- domain description

- domain keywords

- domain WHOIS

- asking price

- buy now or/and make offer form

- optional random domain list (to cross-promote your other domains

- other miscellaneous information relating to the domain

The landing page takes into account all your settings and preferences for the landing page saved in the database. For example, hide/display WHOIS, hide/display domain logo, hide/display quick search box on top of the page, etc. In addition, domain description, keywords, and domain name are inserted in the page's title, keywords, description tags (invisible to humans) to comply with SEO and ready for indexing by search engines.

How do people find my domain landing page

DNHAT can handle any number of in-coming requests as long as you have listed the domain name in your account, using the domain manager. There are three ways of accessing your domain landing page

1. Through internal links - links that go from one page of your marketplace to a different page within the marketplace. They are commonly used in main navigation and allow users to navigate a website. There is usually no need to use absolute URLs for the href attribute value.

2. Through external links - hyperlinks that point at (target) your marketplace from other website(s). In layman's terms, if another website links to your marketplace, this is considered an external link to your site. Example is when you place advertisement on third-party website and use your marketplace web address for the clickable link.

3. Through type-in traffic by entering the domain name in the web browser's address bar (and adding .com or in a mobile browser address bar and adding.

While the first two ways are simple and straightforward, the third can be a little tricky and need additional input from your end. Either at the registrar's or hosting level, the domain in question, at minimum, must point/resolve/forward to your marketplace (website) domain name. The process may be referred to as Domain Parking or URL Forwarding.

There is no single way of parking domains. Domain parking/forwarding varies, depending on registrar, hosting organization and/or control panels. You may also come across terms such as Domain Pointers, Domain Aliases, Addon Domains, URL/Domain Forwarding, CNAME, TEXT record etc. There are at least 4 ways of forwarding a domain to its landing page on your marketplace.

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