Join Affiliate Program and Earn Money

You can recommend DNHat to your visitors, customers or colleagues and earn extra cash.

How it Works

Register free affiliate account
Log into your account, select DNHat from our product list. You'll be assigned an affiliate code with link
Use your affiliate link anywhere you want to promote DNHat.
Whenever someone clicks the link and land on, a cookie with your affiliate ID will be stored in his/her browser for 90 days.
Paddle (, our payment processor, also keeps track of the Affiliate ID for 90 calendar days.
Any order placed by the same user within that period guarantees your affiliate commission.
Paddle takes care of the ordering process, product delivery and customer support!

When someone clicks your affiliate link and purchase DNHat, you earn commission of sale.
Commission ranges between 20 to 30% of sales price
Monthly payouts via PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer or Payoneer.

Paddle provides all of the back-end facilities for doing all the billings, accounting and tracking of your business as an affiliate.
You can view and monitor all statistics and accounting information online 24/7.

Where can I promote my Affiliate Link?

1. On social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.
2. On domain investor forums - by inserting your affiliate code/link along with your signature
3. On your blog - paste your affiliate code/link on the pages of your website
4. Publicize/promote your affiliate link by writing articles or reviews about DNHat on forums and other websites.

Remember! The more you promote your affiliate link, the more chances you have to make money!

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