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DNHat - Domain Portfolio Manager and Marketing Software

DNHat is a Domain Portfolio Management and Marketing Software that helps you keep tabs on your domains: expiration date alert, list of marketplaces where your domains are active, your purchase price (cost), link to comparable sales site, and many more.

With DNHat you can organize and manage your domain portfolio, setup your own marketplace to sell directly to end-users and earn 100% of your proceeds OR redirect sales enquiries to your domain landing page on third-party sales platform (for example, Sedo, Flippa, GoDaddy). Either way, you retain vital statistics to gauge your domain performance, adjust prices upward/downward, take informed decision on whether to renew or drop a particular domain.

DNHat is also used to power searchable domain marketplace website with optimized landing pages for maximum conversion.

DNHat can handle thousands of domains, with each domain having its unique For-Sale Landing Page, optional domain description, keywords, form to send/receive sales inquiries OR redirect such to third-party marketplace(s) to complete the sales.

DNHat can be used either as personal software for a single domain investor or for Multi-vendor project with multi-user capabilities enabled - registration form, Member Area (User Control Panel), with each user assigned an ID on the system to manage his/her portfolio and list domains for sale on the marketplace.

Companies and individuals not involved in domain trading, but with sizeable domain porfolio will also find DNHat handy in easing the tasks of domain names storage, retrieval, monitoring and digital asset management.

Full features description, pricing, FAQ, examples can be found on DNHat homepage.
System Requirements
DNHat Lander can be hosted on any type of Linux hosting (shared, VPS, Dedicated Server etc.). Your web hosting server must support:
  • PHP 5.0.5 or higher
  • Required PHP extensions:
    • mbstring, iconv for proper utf-8 encoding handling
    • Ioncube loader
  • MySQL 5.1.10 or higher
  • PDO database driver for MySQL (pdo_mysql or pdo_mysqli) or Postgres (pdo_pgsql)
  • These are standard requirements and most web hosting servers have them in place. If in doubt, consult with your ISP.

    It is also assumed that all PHP default (e.g. hash, session, etc.) libraries are enabled.
    DNHat is packaged with installer that will guide you through the installation process.
    The installation wizard checks necessary system requirements and will continue only if they meet the minimum needed for the scripts to function properly on your server.
    There are no configuration/settings file(s) or tables to create or edit manually. The installer will do all necessary file creation and updates on the fly.
    If you miss something during the installation process, click the question (?) mark for hints and tips.
    1 Upload Scripts to server
    Unzip the downloaded file (the package) into a folder on your hard disk and upload everything to home directory or into a folder (sub-directory) of your website.
    For example: http(s):// OR http(s)://
    where - the domain you're installing the scripts.
    2 Create MySQL Database
    If you don't have a database available, create one via your server control panel. Once a database is available, write down somewhere in your notepad the following information for the database (you will need it later)
    Database Host:
    Database Name:
    3 Launch Installation Wizard
    Access the installer in your browser. Open your browser and navigate to "install" folder of the website, to which you have uploaded the scripts. For example: http(s)://
    4 Check the box to agree to end-user agreement
    5 Click "Next" and follow the instructions on the screen
    At the end of the installation process, you will be instructed to create an Admin account. This entails choosing a Login Name and Password for the Administrator.

    Congrats, you've successfully installed DNHat on your server

    Rename or Delete the 'install' folder from your server

    You are set to customize your marketplace for uniqueness, create categories, add domains and many more. You may also need to to set your default language, Timezones, Website and Contact details, Character encoding preferences, Colors & Appearance, Default layout etc.

    Log into your administration control panel http(s):// with the user/pass you specified above during installation.