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  • Welcome to live demo tour of DNHat - the best domain portfolio manager and marketplace setup suite.  
  • With over 400 free background images, Templates, Themes and 100 customization options, DNHat is highly configurable and flexible, giving your marketplace a unique touch. For demo purposes, you can view SOME pre-configured templates and themes/skins. On the menu bar select Site template options and then Skin preferences.  
  • Final customizations and preferences can be done and saved in the Admin Panel. No programming knowledge required!  
  • DNHat Marketplace is equiped with advanced search mechanism - multiple categories selection, multiple domain extensions selection, multiple keywords search combination, sortable search result, etc. - that brings hidden domains in your profolio to the surface, just the way your potential buyers will search for domains on your marketplace. Don't limit the chances of your domains being found due to amateurish single keyword and single category search mechanism. Click here to experiment  
  • Your domain Landing Pages are also customizable. Click on Buy Now or Make Offer button for any domain. Play with some pre-configured template options on the menu bar and see some possible variations!  
  • Full version of DNHat is available from $6 only!  


1 8000 1234567 demo@mymarketplace.com

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The web is the busiest place we know today. Competition to catch users' attention is cut-throat. One of the key weapons at your disposal for acquiring and retaining visitors' attention is the name of your website - i.e. domain name. Simple as it may sound, Premium Domain Names have become a necessity for effective business and marketing strategies. We can help in this area.

We retain ownership rights to a host of highly desirable domain names, portfolio of premium, high-value domains for business and leisure that are ready to be purchased and developed into world-class online brands.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, we have domains that can meet your budget : fully developed or brand new. The list is long, use the search functions to find the perfect name

That's not all. If you need to put up a stunning website on the domain, we will outsource the job to top-notch web developers and designers we have hand-picked over the years. We will render you necessary consultation, negotiate on your behalf and supervise the assignment to achieve perfect results.

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