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DNHat - Domain Portfolio Manager and Marketing Software
Documentation: Software Information

About DNHat. License
DNHat is a Domain Portfolio Management and Marketing Software for domain owners to list their Domains For Sale on their own website.
Unlike second party marketplace listing, where you pay heavy sales transaction success fees (commissions), with DNHat you earn 100% of your proceeds.

DNHat has been developed using PHP and Smarty templates. The PHP files hold the core source codes, while the smarty templates handle the display of generated codes. You can not manually modify the PHP codes. If necessary, you can modify the templates - HTML knowledge is required. Other modifications can be done in the Admin panel, especially in the plugins, basic and advanced customization sections.
DNHat should run on standard web server meeting the minimum requirements as stipulated here
DNHat is NOT open source.
DNHat is Commercial software.
  • DNHat is a commercial software.
  • You must purchase a license in order to install or/and use DNHat on your domain or web server
  • One license is valid for one domain only. Each domain needs a separate license
  • Illegal distribution of DNHat is prohibited
  • DNHat can be used either as personal software for a single domainer or for commercial project with multi-user capabilities enabled - registration form, Member Area (User Control Panel), with each user assigned an ID on the system to manage his/her portfolio and list domains for sale
  • DNHat can also be used to handle parked domains with optimized landing pages
  • DNHat has been developed in PHP with MySQL/MySQLi database
  • DNHat uses its own in-house CMS developed from scratch
  • DNHat can handle thousands of domains, with each domain having its own landing page with form to send/receive sales inquiries
  • DNHat is equiped to bulk upload domains, create and manage unlimited categories. List a domain under multiple categories
  • DNHat has built-in Private Messaging System that enables easy conmunication between Buyers and Sellers, without revealing their identities, email addresses or contact details. Buyers and Sellers can send messages to each other, negotiate terms etc, after bids/offers have been received. They only receive notifications in their mail box with link to the message
  • DNHat has been tested, fined-tuned to perform excellently with minimum system requirements - no over blotted resources killer plugins, bug-ridden codes and spam-prone freebies. So, lightning fast loading time is guaranteed
  • Quick and easy to install, DNHat comes with clean, responsive templates and design for maximum accessibilty via all devices and browsers
  • DNHat can be easily intergrated into your existing website/project as a sub-folder or as stand-alone application
  • DNHat security options include Captcha form protection, IP blocking with Anti-flood options
  • DNHat is multi-lingual and enables you to add new, unlimited language packs, so you can turn your website into a truly international domain marketplace
  • DNHat comes with code snippets to help you monetize your website traffic, by selling Ad spaces. Ad Network code, Custom Banner Ad codes and Text Ad codes, PPC, PPM, affiliate program links etc are all supported. Simply copy & paste
  • DNHat is extremely flexible, with tons of customizable options to make your marketplace unique

  • See also: Features Comparison for different versions of DNHat
    JS Framework: jQuery
    Frontend Framework: Bootstrap & Font Awesome.
    Technical Support
    • We offer 3-month free basic technical support for all legalily purchased copy of DNHat
    • DNHat is packaged with documentation detailing system requirements, installation process and standard installer scripts
    • To install DNHat on your system, just follow the steps and instructions as stipulated in the documentation
    • Installation is easy and straight forward. However, if for any reason you have decided not to install the script yourself, then you can request for our installation service at additional cost of $10.
    • Request for customization, additional features will be considered and charged according to existing rates.
    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us