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Basic Settings - First Task

Basic Settings hold minimum information necessary before your domain marketplace/platform can go live. When you first log in into your marketplace Admin Area, the first and foremost thing you should do is specify the basic settings, without which your website may not function properly. 

Basic Settings are attached language packs. When you customize your marketplace by editing the Basic Settings, information will be saved under the language currently selected - english by default. So before proceeding to update Basic Settings, first select the necessary language (if differs from english) from language selector, located top-right of the page. If you have selected, for example, Spanish, then be sure you enter necessary text information in Spanish language. English is default. Required data for Basic Settings are presented as form inputs with popup footnotes, hints and tips:

Basic Settings Parameters
Website URL;
Website Name;
Website SEO Title;
Website SEO Keywords;
Website SEO Description;
Main Headline (for home page);
Sub Headline (for home page);
Company Name;
Postal Address;
About Us;
Terms of Use;
Privacy Policy;
Company Logo file location;
Website Display Character Set;
Price Currency Unit;
Time Display Format;
Date Separator;
Short Date Display Format

Click on the image(s) below to enlarge and view Basic Settings form inputs with footnotes, hints and tips.
DNHat Basic Settings1
DNHat Basic Settings2
DNHat Basic Settings3


If you are using the cloud-base version of DNHAT some basic settings for your account must have been done by our staff before handing over

to you.

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